Here at GatorGrader, we take pride in knowing what our users think! Below are some quotes from users expressing how GatorGrader has helped them and their colleagues within the classroom.

GitHub Classroom, Travis CI, and GatorGrader made it easier for me to effectively deliver programming labs in and introductory computer science course. Janyl Jumadinova, instructor

For being a group who came into college never having coded before or with little experience, GatorGrader gave us a confidence when it came to knowing what to code and how to go about completing the necessary tasks. GatorGraderGirls, software engineers

This tool suite made it easier for me to talk with students about technical requirements. It helped me to make complex assignments more accessible to students. Maria Kim, teaching assistant

GatorGrader encouraged me to add better code comments and try out language constructs that I would not have otherwise investigated. The tool was a big help this semester! Samatha Darris, student

GatorGrader is like having a constant coach! I liked receiving feedback on the quality of my source code and writing before turning in the final version of my lab. Anna Yeager, student

It lets me up my teaching game! Douglas Luman, instructor